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  • Aug 24 2022
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Sexting | Episode 1 | Meet Karla

This is the very first video I upload on HSLplay version 2.2. I’m praying god that there won’t be any issue. HSLplay v1 was working well but just feel inspired for several major improvements. Little bit of stress but so much freedom to get independant from YouTube. I know I can be Impolite, I can show Twitter screen capture and that won’ be a random pretext to close forever my YouTube channel, you can’t even imagine how much pressure is it to be dependant of YuTube, now the pressure is released, and everyone should do the same. Oh yeah the video! It’s a nice concept, I loved the wy it turns unfortunately I can’t dedicate one whole week to video edit so the voice over was processed live by software and there must be some loading delays between dialogs. I know text-to-speech are the worse for emotion, and when you watch erotic video you’re lookking for emotions, but like the way that voices are impersonal, you can’t make connexion between some voiceover and the character. The character is a 3D avatar and voice from an IA too, so feels creadible when you get used to it. I hope the next video will benefit of better quality edit, but still an huge amount of work behind this project that look modest. Take care and have a nice day. If you watch it it’s because you have a subscription, so thanks for suscribed and I hope you won’t have any issue with subscription request. Feel free to reach me at michel@hsl.fm if you need anythink ! This is the first stone to an amazing project I’m already working for 15 years now without never getting a penny from. it’s time for a pay check, it’s time for HSLplay!

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